Communicate with parents regularly
Webest education regularly communicates with parents, reports the latest learning progress of children with parents, and discusses childrens learning needs with parents, so as to achieve the effect of two pronged education.
Study Report After Class
At the end of each tuition class, Webest teacher will give students a test in the exclusive software and system will generate a personalized learning report to ensure that students are learning effectively in each tuition class. With the help of the software system and after-school learning reports, parents can also check their children's learning progress anytime and anywhere.
Teaching by teacher that full with love and caring
At Webest, every teacher is a professional full-time teacher. Besides that, Webest’s exclusive five-heart teacher training system guarantees the teaching quality of teachers and strives to make the teacher team full with love, enthusiasm, attentive, attentive, careful and heart, To irrigate every child who comes to study, so that the children can make progress in learning skills.
Webest Memory Method
The lessons that Malaysian children need to face are tedious and they also need to have a certain degree of mastery in trilingual training. Therefore, Webest uses left and right brain skills to develop the Webest memory method so that children can learn a unit in 5 minutes. Including music memory method / image memory method /story memory method, so children can remember after learning to get better academic performance.
Revision of Exam Questions
Webest education focuses on researching exam questions for 15 years. Webest found that children's progress depends on teaching, learning, training, testing, and evaluation. In the testing session, a large number of exam questions need to be repeated to achieve the learning effect. Webest education's data research and development team will collect exam questions from all over Malaysia country, classify and integrate the exam question into targeted key data.
Professional Grouping System
After years of teaching research, we have discovered that if we want to improve students’ academic performance, we must teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Therefore, we have divided the classes of each grade and subject into a class system. Before student enters Webest tuition, our consultant team will let student takes the test first and evaluate with the teacher team after the test results are released, and then assign the students to the appropriate class.
Counseling and Communicating with Students
At Webest Education, we not only teach, we also pay attention to educating people! We believe that in addition to academic mastery, the more important thing for students is their character achievement. Today's society needs talents not only academically, but also character. Webest teachers who have received tutoring training and caring will also take extra time to do one-on-one tutoring and communication with the children to help students solve learning or life problems. Different from this, every year we conduct the growth camp for primary and secondary students, we will teach children to set learning goals, be filial to their parents, thanksgiving to teachers and become contributing to social.
Free Homework Class
Nowadays, students have a lot of homework. Webest education set up free homework classes and adopt with dual-teacher homework class system to help students solve their homework that they don’t know. It also helps parents to solve their children’s homework problems, so that children can have more time to enjoy family relationships with their parents after they returning home.
Provide pick-up and drop-off service
Nowadays, parents have to be busy with work, so Webest education has developed a caring one-stop service, including transportation that makes parents annoying. We provide full-time drivers and dedicated vehicles to pick up children from school or home, so that children can come to our tuition center and go home after finishing tuition safely.